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You know how many kinds of bread there are in the world?

You know nothing about bread? Are there always problems in baking? Today, I teach you how to classify bread.
Classification of bread

1.According to different classification of grains
(1) Wheat bread: Bread mainly made of wheat;
(2) Rye bread: Bread based on rye, such as German rye bread;
(3) Mixed bread: wheat or rye as the main raw material, than other grains (such as barley, oats, corn).
2.Classification according to different colors
(1) White bread;
(2) Brown bread;
(3) Black bread.
3.Classification according to the existence and type of expansion source
(1) Bread fermented by yeast; leavened bread;
(2) No fermentation, no expansion source;
(3) Instant bread, which is fermented by chemical expanders such as baking powder.

4. Classification according to different heating performance
(1) Baking;
(2) Explosion;
(3) Steam.
5. Classification according to whether mold is used during baking
(1) Using molds, such as toast;
(2) Bake directly on the hearth without mold.
6. Classification according to the hardness and softness of bread
(1) Hard bread, simple dough (butter, egg);
(2) Soft bread, rich dough (choose a variety of ingredients);
(3) The soft hardness between the two.

7. Classification according to the category of bread industry items
(1) Toast
Serve as the host and bake in the mold
With cover, without cover
(2) Meal bag
(3) Fruit
Mainly for snacks
According to the taste requirements, there is more sugar in the dough or sinking formula
(4) Crispy bread
Bread with European style
Simple recipe, direct fire baking

(5) Variety bread
Choose grains, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, etc. other than wheat
(6) Folding products (Kesong, Denmark)
Wrap the dough in grease
To decorate with dough or bread
(7) Vegetable bread
To put or contain prepared ingredients, such as sandwiches or hamburgers
Baked bread, put on the ingredients and bake, or put the ingredients into the bread
(8) Steamed bread
(9) Doughnut
Bread doughnuts, fermented with yeast
Cake type doughnut, not fermented with expander
(10) Sandwich
8. Classification by country (representativeness)

Bread is a very wide variety, depending on the customs and living habits.
It is the world’s identity of the cooking Kingdom, the most simple ingredients play incisively and vividly.
Representative: Dharma stick, praiseworthy
Italy: there are many kinds of starchy staple foods, such as pasta, official noodles, pizza, etc., but there are not many kinds of bread.
Representatives: focaccha, panatoni, Panini
Germany: there are many kinds of bread in Germany, but due to the relationship between soil and climate, it is not easy to plant wheat, mainly rye.
Representative: rye bread, Caesar bread
America: American bread tends to be mass-produced, such as toast, or bread from a variety of cultures, without its own representative bread.
UK: most of the UK is made without toast.
Representative: English toast, English muffins
Turkey, India, Middle East:
Bread in the Middle East is mainly baked in high temperature, pot or kiln.
Representative: bag bread, pocket bread, flatbread
China: Chinese food culture.
Representative: meat bun, steamed cake, steamed bread

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