Did you know that French fries can be made without frying but uses air? -Air fryer – LOFTER

Did you know that French fries can be made without frying but uses air? -Air fryer

Who doesn’t like fried chicken, crispy chips and smooth egg tarts? Especially in the festival of eating or eating, every adult and child is greedy and crying.

There is a lot of grease hidden in these delicious things, which makes people fat easily! Especially for people like me who sit in office for a long time and don’t exercise, they inadvertently struggle to eat or not to eat all kinds of meat, heart, and mouth
What’s more, lazy people like me have never tried to eat them by themselves. However, it costs not only energy and oil but also my skin – it’s hard to clean because of the splashing oil. It’s a dissuasion for me.

My friend who loves fried chicken gave me a kitchen artifact. It is said that it is healthy and oil-free. The most important thing is to be able to easily eat freshly fried food – ” air fryer”.

I believe you heard the word “air frying pan” at the beginning, and the Philips air frying pan with a price of 1000 + appeared in your mind, which you think is the oven used by the local tyrants.
It’s not the case. Fried chicken legs, chicken wings, chips, egg tarts, cakes, etc. can be made by Philips air fryer. This 228 red heart air fryer can be solved!!
First of all, it is small and does not occupy an area. Its appearance is simple and endurable. It also carefully sets up anti-skid foot mats, which are stable and convenient for both the kitchen and the dormitory.

The surface is made of wear-resistant and fall resistant ABS material, which can prevent heating without scalding. Also, the built-in high-temperature resistant heating chamber can insulate and lock the temperature in real-time, reducing energy consumption with a wide barbecue rack, it can remove excess grease, and fry a lot of delicious and nongreasy food at one time so that you can eat a healthy addiction.
If you feel guilty about not having oil, you can also dip it in the oil below~~
The design of an integrated liner + grill can make the heat even when frying.
With the nonstick coating on the surface, fried chicken wings are not easy to stick to the skin. Soak them in water and wipe them with dishcloth or sponge. It’s very convenient.
To make the food evenly heated, it uses a 360 ° high-speed air thermal circulation system to lock the delicious food in all directions.

The bottom vortex type heat flow technology can gather energy efficiently, and also can ensure to fry the delicate and crispy fried food.
Only time and temperature two fool type knobs can be used not only by the elderly but also by intelligent timing, preset heating time and temperature range according to different ingredients, which is more practical.
Let me share some of my experiences
Generally speaking, if you want to fry crispy fries, I suggest the best is the frozen fries sold in the supermarket, which are usually twisted to 200 degrees for six minutes, and then pulled out and turned over for another six minutes. But I like to wait for 20 minutes with 180 degrees, and then take it out and turn it over in about 8 minutes. It tastes good.
If you think the supermarket is expensive, you can also make your cut. You’d better soak it first and then fry it. If you want to be more refined, you can cut potatoes into strips, then boil them in saltwater and dry them. After a pass of palm oil, freeze them for later use. The effect is similar to that of frozen chips.

But you’d better delay it according to the actual situation. Anyway, you can take it out at any time. You can find the right temperature and time for your taste by frying twice more.
If you are as lazy as I am, just throw in whatever you want, and don’t want to clean the chicken wing skin glued on the grill. It’s suggested to put tin foil on it and poke a few holes with chopsticks to drain oil~
At the end of cleaning, it’s better to put detergent on the bubble for some time, and then wipe it with dishcloth or sponge. It’s very convenient.
Seriously, with this air fryer, don’t be afraid of trouble. Just eat it!

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