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How a great kitchen can bid farewell to the mess?

The kitchen bears the rice and oil in the home life. As the most important place, it should be full of warm, happiness and practical. However, it was gradually occupied by sundries and oil, which lost the expectation of the residents and destroyed the style of the whole space.

At this time, I want to maximize the function of the kitchen and rekindle the enthusiasm of the kitchen. I need to organize and plan it, dig out more possibilities, and then use various storage methods to invisible. Let the kitchen expand the use of space, restore its beauty, and make life more colorful.

In this issue, we will use the kitchen as a starting point to share several practical and effective storage methods.


Functional division

Since it is necessary to do storage, it is necessary to make a split and sorting of the kitchen. According to the functional attributes of this area, after separating the storage area, the preparation area and the cooking area, we will step by step.


Storage area

The storage area is the most important area in the kitchen. It consists of the upper, middle and lower parts of the cabinet. According to the design pattern from top to bottom, as long as it is good for use, the space debris can be handled invisibly. Take the upper hanging cabinet, although it is placed at a certain height, some unusable appliances, kitchen utensils, and seasoning supplies can be stored upwards, thus reducing the burden on the kitchen.

It should be noted that the wall cabinet is too high and has limited load. The wall cabinet with lifting function can be selected and the lighter items can be placed to ensure the safety of the residents.

And some commonly used kitchen utensils, seasoning supplies, the range of the upper limb radius of motion is subject to the standard, can be placed in the middle of easy to handle. The space in the middle needs to pay attention to the depth of the cabinet, and the items are placed in a sequence according to the depth of the depth, which is convenient and practical.

If the upper and middle parts are filled up, then the development of the cabinet, the storage function of the cabinet may be beyond your imagination. No matter what kind of tableware, kitchen utensils, sundries, floor cabinets can be accommodated, and access is convenient, then add some lattice racks in the interior space, and organize the items one by one, the beauty of the kitchen half has been restored.


Preparation area

The preparation area is a place for cleaning ingredients and preparing ingredients, and is divided into two parts, a sink and a countertop, which affect the appearance of the exterior of the kitchen.

Especially the countertops of the kitchen, the accumulation of more and more items, if there is no effective finishing and storage, it not only affects the appearance, but also affects the safety of users.

So, in the scope of the cabinet, empty the countertops, or buy some storage baskets and storage shelves, and organize the items on the counter to keep a good mood every day.

In addition to the countertops, the sink is also a noteworthy place. When storing, first make an understanding of the space in the lower part of the sink, and then customize the storage box according to the internal structure, store all kinds of cleaning supplies, so that every corner can make the best use of it.


Cooking area

The cooking area is the place to cook. The center of this area should be the kitchen stove and the range hood. Just like the countertop, you need to keep the area clean, pay attention to fire and electricity.


Skill sharing

1, make good use of utensils

If the storage space is not enough, you can use some storage devices for storage, such as hole plates, partitions, hanging rods and carts, etc., so that every item can be properly placed.

2, the sundries hang up

How can I ignore the wall space when I store it? I can use the artifact to hang on the wall, such as the pots, spatulas and seasonings that are often used to make the space more interesting and interesting.

3, regular cleaning

To keep the kitchen clean and tidy, storage is just one of the important steps, and cleaning is the key to maintaining the kitchen.

The storage of the kitchen is a way to maintain the style of the home. It is also an attitude towards life. Only by maintaining the warmth and beauty of this area can we have a healing effect on the tired ones.



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