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How much do you know about coffee?

When most people are sleepy, they want to drink a cup of coffee to refresh themselves. Let me introduce some knowledge about coffee.let’s first learn about the history of coffee.

The origin of coffee
Coffee trees were first found in the subtropical regions of Africa and southern Asia and were later exported from Africa to the world. The earliest record of coffee as a beverage was in the 15th century, when it was used for some religious rituals, because only the literature is recorded, so it is not known whether more people drink coffee before.
In the 16th century, after a failed retreat by the Turkish army against Vienna, a bag of coffee was left, and people who knew how to make coffee at that time took it to Vienna to open a store. At the end of the 16th century, it was introduced into Europe under the name of “Islamic wine”, but it was not until the 18th century that coffee really became an important beverage in Europe. The main reason is that in the past, the output of coffee was too small and the price was too high, and only rich people could afford it.

The composition of coffee
The most important substances in coffee are sucrose, caffeine, chlorogenic acid, fat, protein, fiber and minerals, etc., and coffee tastes so good because of these substances.

The aroma of coffee
Drinking coffee usually tastes great, right? These flavors mainly come from sucrose, fat and protein. During baking, sucrose will break down some acids, such as formic acid, acetic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid. These acids can increase the aroma of coffee!
Among them, fat is actually the main aroma source of coffee. Fat is also subdivided into acidic fat and volatile fat. Acidic fat is the same as the name. Fat has acid in it, and volatile fat is very powerful and will emit about more than 40 kinds of aromatic substances, so the aroma of coffee is derived from the interaction of these 40 kinds of aromatic substances!
Some people may have questions about the protein part. What is the relationship between aroma and protein?
This is actually because the protein in coffee beans will participate in the Mayer reaction (Maillard reaction) with sugars during roasting, and this reaction will produce a lot of flavor compounds, which can further enhance the aroma of coffee.


The utility of coffee
Let’s talk about the actual efficacy of coffee! The refreshing effect of coffee is because of the caffeine relationship, and caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system of the human body, especially the part of the brain.It will increase people’s concentration and emotional excitement, so drowsiness and fatigue will be reduced.


Why not have a cup of coffee when feel sleepy?

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