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How to use LOFTER 2 slice toaster and precautions

LOFTER 2 slice toaster Features

1. measures 5.9″ long by 1.5″ wide slots, enough to accommodate the puffiest bagels and deep enough to toast taller slices of bread, it browns bread evenly.

2. LED indicating buttons ensures correct operations. When you connect the power and press the control handle, the led display lights up. When you turn the baking gear, the LED display will show the gear number about the shade selector. After 2-3 seconds, it will automatically jump to the corresponding countdown. You can read the working gear and remaining time through the LED display.

3. LOFTER 8K polished mirror surface stainless steel toaster gives you a amazing experience. Compact size saves much space for countertop.

4. Manual high lift lever, automatic pop up function when the food done, safely in reach, easily remove smaller bread bagels waffles. 800-watt rapid browning with crispy result. 6 Browning Settings, ranging from 1(lightest) to 6(darkest), allows a wide range of toasting levels for all your favorites.71cs021h2zl-_ac_sl1200_

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1. Ensure close supervision when operating toaster while children are present.

2. First use of the 2 slice toaster, please set the toast shades to “3” without bread in the slots and turn on the machine to toast, in order to emit an odor and/or smoke.

3. Please be careful, the exterior does become hot when it is in use. Do not touch the upper part of the toaster to avoid burns during use and within 3 minutes after using the device.

4. The stainless body has the small grain lines after using, which cleans up easily with a damp cloth.

5. NEVER attempt to remove bread if it becomes jammed in the slots, without first unplugging the toaster from the mains supply. Allow to cool completely before removal.

6. Take care not to damage the internal mechanism when removing bread. Internal parts can be easily damaged, do not touch the internal parts of the toaster with any implement.


How to use the toaster

1. Ensure the toaster is connected to mains supply and switched ON.

2. Place one or two slices of bread into the toasting slots and press down the loading handle until it latches.

3. The toaster will heat up automatically and startoasting.

4. Adjust the browning control to adjust the gear.

5. To stop toasting press the CANCEL button at any time.

6. When toasting is finished the loading handle will rise automatically. The toast can then be safely removed.

7.If the toast is not dark enough, you may wish to toast the bread again.

8. Adjust the browning control to a lower setting and replace the toast. Ensure the toast does not burn while re-toasting.


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