LOFTER Air Compressor Small Air Pump Electric Pump with High Brightness LED Light


    【Innovative Electric Air Compressor】 Even though it is compact size portable, it also has a high brightness LED light, it can easily be inflated into various things such as cars, bicycles and bike tires, floating rings, etc. Innovative It is an air compressor.
    【Troubles of inflating was solved with one air compressor! 】 With 3 types of replacement nozzle, it can correspond to cars, bicycles, motorbikes. Of course, it can also be used for inflating balls, floating rings and pools.
    【High Brightness LED Light Loading, 2 Types Lighting Mode】 Always Light Mode ➡ In case of puncture in the dark or at a remote location, you can brighten with the LED light of the air compressor, open and close the tire valve It is convenient when putting in air. Blinking mode ➡ Flash mode that draws attention from surroundings and can call for help during an emergency such as nighttime earthquake / fire will be prepared for emergency.
    【DC 12V car · code storage idea】 Open this lid of the air compressor for 12 VDC car, air tube and power cord can be comfortably stored in the air compressor. It is also a compact air compressor that will also prevent dust and make it look as neat as possible.
    【Customer Support】 If there is a breakdown within 30 days after purchasing air compressor, we will correspond returned / exchanged free of charge. In addition, regular manufacturer warranty comes with one year, so we will accept customer support 24 hours, so please feel free to use it anytime.

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