LOFTER Plug-in Baby Night Light (2 Lighting Areas Design, 2 Pack) – LOFTER

LOFTER Plug-in Baby Night Light (2 Lighting Areas Design, 2 Pack)


  • 【2 LIGHTING AREAS DESIGN】Compared to traditional night light , LOFTer plug-in motion sensor night light has 2 Lighting Areas, the Main Lighting Area is on the side, Not the Front, will not directly illuminate your eyes at dark night, avoiding eye damage, especially suitable for the elderly and children. And the front Ring Lighting Area can serve as a guide to remind you the detail location of the plug in night light.
  • 【AUTO/ON/OFF MODES】Our kids night light built-in Motion Sensor & Light Sensor, will turn on automatically when detecting human’s motion within 10ft,120-degree sensing range in dark enough condition, and will turn off 20 seconds after you walk out of its sensing range or no motion. It also has ALWAYS ON/OFF mode, you can manually turn on/off the night lamp by the simple slide switch.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS】This dimmable night light has stepless dimming function (brightness can be adjusted from 0% to 100%), Just slide the dimming switch slightly, you can easily dim/brighten the Main Lighting to a appropriate brightness for bedtime, diaper change, drink water etc. Never worry about the night lighting is too bright or too dark.
  • 【SLIM & ENERGY SAVING】Ultra-slim design (thickness is only 0.83in) allows the baby night light to lay flat to the wall socket, space-saving and will not stick out to affect your daily walking life. Energy efficient LEDs help you save energy and you will not notice an increase in your electricity bill even after a long time use.
  • 【GENTLE ILLUMINATION】This Nursery Night Light’s Main Lighting Area contains 4pc 5000K LEDs, and the Ring Lighting Area consists of 3500K LED and RGB LED. It can provide the right amount of lighting to navigate you in the dark , gentle glare-free illumination will not disturb to the eyes in the middle of the night.
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