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The kind of coffee that tasteful people understand

How much do you know about the classification of coffee?

——American coffee


American coffee (English: Americano) is a black coffee made by trickling filter coffee pot. Because the extraction time is relatively long, the content of caffeine is relatively high.

American coffee is a kind of coffee that many people will choose to drink because American coffee is not as sweet as cappuccino coffee, nor as bitter as mocha coffee. So for most coffee, the taste of American coffee is in a moderate area.

As a pure coffee, its coffee concentration (for most consumers, it can also be simply understood as bitterness) is suitable for the public taste and retains the unique deep baking aroma and bitter taste of espresso, fresh and comfortable. Later, a cup of American style can play a role in clearing the mouth.

Pure American coffee can be divided into two categories: strong and light. The East Bank of the United States drinks more than the West Bank, and the south is stronger than the north. In terms of ethnic groups, immigrants from southern Europe and Latino countries like strong coffee more than those from Britain, Germany, and Northern Europe.

Americans don’t care much about the European coffee. Americans drink coffee freely, and coffee also goes deep into their lives, which is hard to separate, and even affects their lives to the extent that no coffee does not count as life.

What’s the difference between American coffee, latte, mocha, and cappuccino?

From the way of processing the extracted coffee


45ml espresso 250ml hot water at 90 ℃

//Coffee Latte:

30ml espresso 200ml hot milk; espresso, milk and milk foam are 1:2:1; the taste of latte milk will be heavier, and latte only has a thin layer of foam, which is generally flush with the mouth of the cup.

//Cafe Mocha:

Made of espresso, chocolate sauce, cream and milk

The traditional Mocha is based on lattes, with milk bubbles and chocolate sauce, which can also be considered as cappuccino with chocolate sauce.



30ml espresso 200ml hot milk; espresso, milk, and milk bubble are 1:1:1; cappuccino has many milk bubbles, thick and dense taste, and coffee flavor is heavier; cappuccino’s milk bubble will be higher than the cup mouth, full and smooth; there will be no coffee overflowing when shaking left and right.


Last but not least, it’s the magic of “American coffee to lose weight.”.

The heat of American coffee depends on the espresso-making base. A 100g American coffee has only 2.55kcal of heat, which is completely negligible.


Drink a cup of American coffee after dinner, which can effectively decompose fat and release fat in the blood. Generally speaking, 4 cups of American coffee a day can achieve the ideal effect of weight loss. Of course, the premise is no partner, no sugar and no milk!


Now you know why so many people like to drink American style~


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