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What are the creative and practical household items?

Today, I will share 10 creative household items for you to make our life easier and add fun to life. Let’s take a look!


  1. Geometric chair

Sometimes we want a quiet and private space to empty ourselves. MZPA Design has designed a private seat of a geometric capsule shape and high privacy.

The enclosed space is designed to escape from the sturdy external environment and into a relatively quiet and undisturbed private space. Ergonomic cushions, storage bags, LED lights, USB charging, iPad holders, speaker systems, and even solar panels are available inside.


  1. Portable coffee table

This is a portable coffee table with a handle that makes it easy to move the table to where it’s needed. It can be assembled in five seconds, ready to be removed, and easy to store.


  1. Detachable coat rack

With a few wooden sticks, you can DIY a natural and fresh solid wood coat rack.

This minimalist coat rack, which is shaped like a bonfire, is a locally designed original furniture from Guangzhou and won the 2014 German Red Dot Supreme Award. It is a very good home creative living item, the simple shape does not take up space, and it is convenient to use.


  1. Book and chair integration

This Wonder seat solves the diverse needs of users. Just flip it over and use it for your child’s chair or children’s desk for painting or writing.


  1. A pool tablesthat can be eaten


Want to put a pool table at home without space? This design is really a boon for billiard lovers.

Using the similarities of the dining table and the pool table, the function is upgraded, and the one-table dual-use design can be freely switched between the dining table and the pool table.


  1. Creative lights

This creative light can be used as a table lamp as a decoration. In addition, it can also be used as a hand warmer artifact.


  1. Ironing board full-length mirror

One board is used, one side is an ironing board, and the other side is a full-length mirror. Not only practical, but also save space!


  1. Coffee cup umbrella

When you cover the rain and the umbrella of the cup holder, you don’t have to worry about getting a cup of coffee and a briefcase when it rains!


  1. Suspended small coffee table

The creative floating design gives a visual sense of dangling, which can improve the overall style of the interior. The high-density polyethylene material gives the coffee table a tight and durable character, and the non-toxic and tasteless materials are more intimate.


  1. Multifunctional cushion table

The versatile design brings more possibilities for new home decoration. It can be used as a cushion on the sofa, as a pillow in the bedroom, and as a desk.

A design-oriented home product can improve the overall interior style and give people a refined sense of life.

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