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Why does baking produce fragrance?

Fragrance striking the nose, fluffy bread is a favorite of many people. During the baking process, the bread gradually turns golden and gives off a fragrance. Where do these scents come from?

In fact, this is mainly because of a series of chemical reactions that occur during the baking process. The main one is the maillard reaction. Maillard reaction refers to the reaction between carbohydrate and protein in food during baking, frying and cooking at high temperature (generally above 120℃), releasing some fragrance substances and changing the color of food. In addition to maillard reaction, there is also caramelization in bread baking. In the process of baking, the water on the bread surface is constantly lost, and the internal water can not be timely to its supplement and diffusion, therefore, the starch and sugar contained in the bread surface will be dehydrated and split into a variety of small molecules, these substances are not lack of volatile molecules, so as to release the aroma of baking.hummus-toast-recipe-5-5Now, look at this, you might think, well, since there’s a whole series of reactions to baking bread, is it true that the longer the bread is baked, the more thorough the reaction is, and the more fragrant the bread is? Actually, it is not. Acrylamide is produced during the baking process of bread, a chemical that is produced during a series of high-temperature cooking processes. Acrylamide is defined as a class 2A carcinogen by the international agency for research on cancer (iarc), part of the WHO, with potential genetic toxicity, neurotoxicity and carcinogenicity. Acrylamide is found in the highest levels in baked breads and French fries, and the longer and hotter food is heated, the more it is produced and the worse it is for the body. Therefore, when we eat toast, should try to choose uniform color, the surface of golden, if toast burned do not eat.

There are many kinds of bread on the market, so it is hard for us to know how to choose when buying. In fact, as long as you master the following tips, you can buy nutritious and healthy bread. First, choose a bread with few embellishments. Many businesses in order to make bread have a good appearance, often add a lot of butter, chocolate, meat on the bread. This will make the bread taste better, but also increase the fat content in the bread, not conducive to health; Second, choose bread with a mild smell. Many breads are overscented, perhaps with flavoring; Third, should choose small particles, resilient good bread. If the particles of bread are large, easy to fall off the slag, and the elasticity is poor, it means that more additives are used in the process of bread making.


Bread is the breakfast partner and afternoon tea companion, notice bread health especially important. When baking bread, we should pay attention to the control of temperature and time to avoid excessive harmful substances. When choosing bread, we should also pay attention to the principle of health and choose the right bread.

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