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You’ve never imagined the juicer can help you lose weight

How to lose weight healthily? Many diet materials are hard to find, the production process is complex. How to make simple diet food? Today, the editor teaches you several Juicer diet recipes, using ordinary daily ingredients, reasonable collocation can be easily made so that we can lose weight healthily.


What are the diet

Juicer diet has tomato + kiwi fruit + banana, can thin abdomen. Prepare 2 tomatoes and half kiwi fruit, and 1 banana. Squeeze and drink together. It’s best to drink it before meals, which can effectively prevent fat absorption. Tomato is rich in fiber, which can absorb excess fat and toxin, and beautify our skin. Banana can also eliminate toxins and shrink our waist and abdomen.

Juicer diet has white radish + Apple + grapefruit, the recipe can thin thighs. White radish can promote the metabolism of fat and prevent fat pile. Potassium in apple can avoid leg edema, grapefruit has low heat and good health care effect. If you don’t like grapefruit, you can use watermelon instead. Citrulline in watermelon can also discharge toxins and salts, reducing edema.

Juicer diet has grapefruit + Strawberry + Banana + kiwi fruit, the recipe can thin the whole body. Prepare 1 grapefruit press, 3 strawberries and half banana, and 1 kiwi fruit. All ingredients are juiced and drunk together. Keep drinking every day. Aspartic acid in strawberry can remove excess water and dissolve fat. Partial lines are not perfect friends are suitable for drinking the above several diet.
Orange potato juice can also reduce weight. We need some potatoes, ginger and fresh orange. After pressing the juice of fresh potatoes and ginger, add the fresh orange juice, mix well and drink. Ginger and orange juice. There are two oranges, a piece of fresh ginger and two apples. Peel the ginger and orange, cut the apple into pieces, and then extract the juice for drinking. Ginger and orange are both acid food. Although apple is added, it is not suitable for friends with acid body

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